Essie and Esibär Endeavors

"woof" she said. "hush" i said.

About October 18, 2006

Hello! Welcome to my page!
My name is Sarah. I moved to Chicago, IL (from CA) in August 2006 to be with my boyfriend.  He entered the Illinois College of Optometry graduating class of 2010 in the fall of 2006.  We brought with us our adorable (and stubborn) westie, Eisbär.  I love to do all kinds of crafts and teach myself new things.  I really enjoy reading about other people’s trials and tribulations in the world of crafting and I hope others do too!

Crafts I enjoy include, but are NOT limited to: sewing (fashion, home, gift), knitting, cross-stitching, stitching in general, card making, general crafting, jewelry making, quilting, and anything new I can learn!

50 some-odd things about me:

Born in Orange Country, CA (OC!)
Went to an all-girls Catholic High School
Graduated in 2004 from Cal State San Bernardino with a Business Degree
Worked for Nitto Tire North America for 2 years
Currently work for Advance
I have been in my current relationship for 4 years Halloween ’06!
I have 6 nieces and nephews whom I am VERY protective over
I am the youngest of 4
I am very close to my parents
I secretly wish to have 2 cats and 2 dogs…
I want to be stay at home mother one day
I secretly wish to have twins one day
I love to cook, but dislike my current tiny apartment kitchen
I am above average with computers ( I could build one if I wanted to)
I am a Weight Watcher on my journey to goal
I ❤ craftster with a sort of slight obsession
My dog is on dogster
I can’t stand friendster
I have always liked all sorts of music EXCEPT country
How I Met Your Mother is the most underatted comedy on TV
I love LOST
I’d get LOST with Saywer
My boyfriend doesn’t mind my LOST/Saywer obsession
I’ve worked at Disneyland
I love to read almost any sort of book…
I’ve worked in a bookstore
I take the train every day to work
I love taking the train
I like to go for long car rides with my hunny
I like to make others laugh
I love to laugh!
I’m a “organized” perfectionist, procrastinator… I won’t start something (or even finish it) until it’s organized perfectly the way I want it
I love to sleep
I like Friends, Sex and the City, the Simpsons
I’m always down for a good movie
I LOVE CHOCOLATE (and candy in general)
I am paper vs. digital girl a lot of times.  I like to hold it, smell it, feel it…
I don’t particularly like reptiles or spiders…        
…but they DO fascinate me
I am a secret science nerd
I can’t wait for my first  “White Christmas”
I like to sing Christmas Carols in October
I don’t like scary movies
My favorite color is pink
I like all the other colors too
My belly button is pierced
So are my ears, twice
And my upper cartridge
I would get a tattoo if I wasn’t such a chicken
I HATE tattoos of people’s names
I like you for reading all of these
I love you more for doing it yourself


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